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tOOaleta digital toilet bidets / Skapinova ulica 23, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija / tel: +386-41370882
Fax: 059050000 E-mail: / VAT: SI 56501641  
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JJ Naložbe d.o.o.
Skapinova ulica 23
1111 Ljubljana
Slovenia EU
TOOaleta the official
representative of Coway
for the Slovenian,Croatian,
Serbian and Bosnian region.

Official service centre for Coway.

Please prepare your warranty
information or invoice with date
of Purchase before contacting us.

Within the Warranty period we
cover all shipping costs and repair
costs(within warranty parameters)

Please allow 5-7 days for repair.

Parts and price list of spare parts
is provided by Coway Korea and can
not be changed.

Repairs by unapproved installers void
the warranty.

For  all additional questions contact
us at +44808 135 00 68
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